About the name Rodriguesia

““As many countries seek to immortalize the names of  their more outstanding scientists, we made Barbosa Rodriguesthe patronofthis publication,inspired by examples such as Candollea (De Candolle),Ostenia  (Osten), Bonplandia (Bonpland), Hedwigia (Hedwig), Malpighia (Malpighi), Broteria (Felix Brotero), from Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Portugal,respectively,to cite just a few. Thistribute to the famous, internationally known,Brazilian botanist willensure that he is always rememberedby the circulation of this journal, within our country and overseas.
 (Composing Comission: P. Campos Porto, Fernando R. da Silveira, Leonam de A. Penna.Presentation. Rodriguesia. V.1.N1.Winter of 1935.p.1-2)

Rodriguesia, like all scientific periodicals, has a history. When we examine the contents of the journal during its 75 years of existence, the themes, theories and concepts of the articles reveal to us the inevitable  relationship of editorial projects to actors involved and scientific debate in different periods of history.

The Instituto de Pesquisas Jardim Botânico do Rio de Janeiro began publishing  Rodriguesia 26 years after the death of former director João Barbosa Rodrigues (1842-1909), an illustrious botanist who was a pivotal figure within the institution, responsible for creating the herbarium (today, the largest in Brazil), a museum and restructuring the arboretum.

From the Archives of the Instituto de Pesquisas Jardim Botânico do Rio de Janeiro.

For more information:

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